Lucy Orr

I have experience in working with people of all ages, fitness levels and body types - my style of training is strength, circuit and HIIT however all my programmes are based on my clients goals and preferences and I believe every session should be an enjoyable experience. 

I will work with you to become the best version of yourself, we’ll set some realistic goals and I will help keep you accountable. 



Creating fun, friendly and dynamic workouts personalised to meet your goals. Matt has worked in all areas of health and fitness, from education, to nutrition and fitness. His training sessions are always designed to push you safely to your fullest potential. He specialises in all areas of health and fitness, from muscle growth, weight loss, strength increase, rehabilitation, sports specific, bodybuilding and more. 




Jen Cuttance is an internationally experienced Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor.

Jens approach to training helps you to become more in tune with your body, creating a stronger, functional, fitter and more flexible version of yourself. This style of training serves you not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well, as you learn to connect more deeply with yourself by nourishing your body with physical movement. 



Emma's well-rounded experience has helped her to understand the integrated nature of health and have helped her to reach amazing milestones and success with her clients. Whether in nutrition or personal training, Emma’s focus is to discover what the underlying issue is, by combining scientific analysis and simple behaviour change methods with her nutrition clients, and an in-depth initial health and posture assessment with her personal training clients.




Isi specialises in a majority of training styles, but in particular more functional training to help you with day to day life and stresses. This all starts with ensuring your body is mobile, and then incorporating multi muscle exercises that get your body working as one. Isi loves working with clients who are ready for long term changes in their health and fitness, and understand there are no quick fixes but a combination of consistency and intensity to help you reach your goals. 



Your body is constantly evolving or devolving. Vasant wants to walk with you in your journey of physical finding & evolution. He believes a world living better is a world where individuals engage in their physical and mental wellbeing journeys. His ethos is, two truths: Your body is yours for life, and change is ONLY constant. 


About Us

Our highly qualified Personal Trainers specialise is all areas of health and fitness. Body Form Ponsonby offers a private one on one experience, with no membership required, just pay for your private session with one of our trainers.

Our facility remains quiet, so trainers have access to all the equipment when required, and can give you 100% of their attention. No waiting around, no busy gyms, and no feeling self conscious.  This means your experience will be completely personalised to help you reach your goals!



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