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There are many forms of manual therapy that physiotherapists use. At Physio Impact we believe in a 'hands-on' approach. Manual therapy may consist of deep tissue massage, joint mobilisation, manipulation, passive stretching and taping.

Acupuncture is a powerful modality used to modulate pain and accelerate the body's natural healing processes. At Physio Impact our physiotherapists are trained in Western Acupuncture which means we can provide neurophysiological rationale for our acupuncture treatment. 

To ensure a full recovery, and maintain the benefits gained from hands on physiotherapy, it is important to strengthen and stretch the appropriate muscles. We incorporate a variety of exercise based rehabilitation strategies specific to your injury and goals.

Patrick Peng

Patrick is a high-performance, sports-specific physiotherapist. Having done Gymnastics at a high level for 15 years of his life; 2 Commonwealth Games and 5 World Championships later, he ended up getting a pretty good idea of what the human body is capable of, as well as what happens when the body decides to fail. 



Amy has dedicated a lot of her time and learning in the area of surgical management - having spent hours observing Auckland's top surgeons at work and reviewing their rehabilitation protocols. Amy has carried out extensive post-graduate training in dry needling, as well as achieving her Certified Mulligan Practitioner qualification.



Josh graduated from AUT in 2011 with a BHSc: (Physiotherapy). Since then he has worked in a High-Performance Sports centre for young athletes dealing with a verity of problems from Acute injuries to long standing biomechanical deficits. Along with this, Josh is an experienced side-line physio for national and international winning, rugby teams (St Kents, NZ secondary school rugby and rugby sevens). This makes Josh our acute injury specialist as he has seen it all.



Jono graduated AUT in 2018 with a BHSc (Physiotherapy). He is an avid sport fan with a love for cricket and rugby having played club cricket overseas for a few seasons in both Australia and England.

Jono has developed a strong sense of empathy through his own experiences with injury and is keen to help others in any way possible. Jono is currently undertaking further postgraduate study develop his skills as a health practitioner.


Le Lievre

Allie qualified from AUT with a BHSc Physiotherapy in 2012. She has since worked in Musculoskeletal private practice both in New Zealand and London. She has also worked with International Rugby and Netball teams during this time. She completed her post graduate studies in APPI Clinical Pilates in 2016 and has utilised her specialist training to diagnose, treat and cure a vast spectrum of clients. These include elite sports people, youth athletes, post operative clients (particularly spinal and knee) and of corse your clasic '8 hours at a desk' clients. Good posture is the foundation!  



David has dedicated his work to the musculoskeletal field. David has worked in clinics, as a side line physio, in retirement villages, and has developed health and safety procedures, work place physicals, and injury prevention programmes for many positions in major companies. David is an experienced clinic manager who ensures the best possible care for his patients. David has further postgraduate training in McKenzie Method, Mulligan Concept, Temporomandibular Physiotherapy management, Dry Needling, and Functional movement.










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